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ch'ahli-we:sits' green moss in the river

ch'e:wilin it (water) flows out (e.g., creek into river, mouth of river, faucet, hose)

dahdiwilxit' the river has risen, flooded

hun' river, specifically the Trinity River

hun'-q'eh-ch'idilye White Deerskin Dance, specifically the Boat Dance (lit. river-along-religious dance)

k'idingk'il-e it (water) broke out (of the banks of the river)

k'ina'-tahxw-hun' Klamath River (lit. Yuroks-amomgst-river)

k'ita:ltsit shallow soaking pit in riverbank sand used for leaching acorns, "dirt pan"

k'ite:lwe:l pickets, stakes driven into the river, in a fish-dam

k'iwowh-nesnoy "foam spot," a bad-luck place in the river

ło:q'-yiditile river otter (Lutra canadensis)

me:da'ay something extends against it; a (canoe) is beached, pulled to shore (still partly in the river)

mich'a'ah its (river's) mouth, outlet

mida:-q'it on the edge of (the river); riverbank

mike' its (animal's) tail; mouth of a river (metaphorically)

mis cliff, bluff, riverbank

miyi-mida:-q'it place along the river bank at miyi-me'

na'ne'iliwh he brings them over (across the river)

na:na:ya'xoniłxa' they found his tracks (across the river)

na:-ni- linear motion across (a river, a road)

na:ninyiwh move across (the river)!

na:q'i(t)-ta:ng'a:ding gravel bar in river

na:q'it gravel bar, river bar

no:ng'a:-ding the farthest extent of something, as far as it reaches, the edge (of a river, the ocean)

no:wiling head of a creek, stream, river

noleh-ch'e:l-ding former village in the Trinity canyon (lit. where the creek runs into the river at a waterfall)

nuqit (coming) by land, (travelling) along the bank of the river (as opposed to travelling by boat)

ta:'ułtul the Boat Dance, a segment of the White Deerskin Dance which is performed on canoes in the river

ta:na'wiłqe:t he started back across the river (in a canoe)

ta:ne:jit in the middle of the river

ta:nune:łq'ahs-te I'll throw you back into the river

ta:ya'imil they throw things into the river

to:me:q'onje' large river beetle

to:-tehsyay flood, high water in the river

to:-wingkyah the water is getting, has gotten high (in the river), the flood waters are rising

to:-xw at the river

tohxotawe willow bushes growing along the river (lit. at the river-those that are around there)

tse:-k'iwotł'-ding a danceground on the river bar just to the west of Ts'ilunding, opposite the mouth of Beaver Creek; one of the main dancegrounds for the White Deerskin Dance

tse:-yeh cave; hole dug along the river for catching fish

xa:sing'awh take it (e.g., stone) uphill to the top (e.g., from the river to the house)!

xa:sinyahwh go up to the top (of the hill, riverbank)!

xoda:- down the slope, down to the river

xoda:na:ya'xo:łxa' they tracked him down toward the river

xoda:wha:wh I am going down (the hill, steps, to the river, etc.)

xoda:wiling outlet of a stream, river

xohch'iwinyay he came down off a ridge; he went down the bank (to the river)

yehna:wilin they flow into it (the river)

yehnindilin they are scattered in (the river)

yida:ch'in-ninyay Yurok (lit. from downriver-he comes)

yima:n-na'xohsxe' he ferried him back and forth (lit. across the river-he hauled him around)

yima:n-yehch'iwhiwiłxe:n he ferried me across the river

yinahch'in Chimariko, Upper Trinity River or South Fork people (lit. coming from upriver)

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