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'iwhlich I'm urinating, pissing

'iwhtseh I'm breaking wind, farting

chwung' feces, excrement, shit

de:k'idiwhlich I urinate into the fire

-ginje' gristle, cartilage

je:xo-ma'-ding shortribs

k'iqojin lumps (on the body, as on a frog), bumps, unevenness (on the skin)

k'itin a small tail

k'iwidmut a short, barely audible fart, gasser (pops like acorns)

k'ixich freckles, freckled

lich urine

łiwhxung I ejaculate

mike' its (animal's) tail; mouth of a river (metaphorically)

mile:je' its remains

mił-ky'a:n set of teeth

miwa' its (animal's) fur, (bird's) down

nisawh'awh I'm putting it (e.g., stone) into your mouth

sa:- into the mouth

tł'eh- crotch, pubis (archaic)

tse:-dilqay grey hair; grey-haired person

tse:lin blood

tseh gas, flatulence, fart

tsehwilxit foreskin

tsing'-q'ah sperm, semen (vulgar term)

tsiwung' head-hair

we:- jaw (archaic)

whe:da'ay my head

whe:dze' my penis, male genitals

whe:ne:q' my back; in back of me

whe:nts'ing' my back, spine

whe:q' my (woman's) private parts, vagina

whe:ts'ine' my jaw, jawbone, chinbone

whe:we' (something's) bone marrow

which'e:k'e' my guts, intestines, soft belly

which'ich' my elbow

which'ing'ah-na:lma:l my diaphragm

which'itiłwul' my ribs

which'ut' my afterbirth, placenta

whichwa:n'-dahyiwixa:l my intestines, colon

whichwe:xing' my anus, asshole

whichwoq' my testicles

whichwut the side of my body

whida' my mouth, lips

whida'-ginje' my gums

whida'-ma:ts'e' my lips

whida:-sits' my lips (including flesh around lips)

whida:w' my whiskers, beard

whidisqay' my lungs

whije:'ginje' my breastbone (the cartilage above the pit of the stomach)

whije:'-mich'ing' my back, at the middle of my back (or chest)

whije:y' my state of mind, way of thinking; heart, breast (metaphorical)

whijiw' my ear

whijonjoł my kidneys

whik'iwiyul-me'-nolxit' my stomach

whik'iya:whe' my forehead, temple

whiking'a:gya:n' my penis, male genitals


whiky'a:ng'ay-me:w my armpit

whiky'o:ts'e' my sinew

whikya:ne my abdomen, belly, insides, guts; my mind, attention (abstract metaphor)

whikyo:n' my odor, body odor

whikyun-sa'a:n my heart

whila' my hand, finger

whila'-ke'ts' my fingernails, claw

whila'-kin' my wrist

whila'-mimisGe'gitse' my fingers

whila'-mimisGiye'ts(-ding) my little finger

whila'-mimisGiye'tse'-mich'in'-na:da'ay my ring finger

whila'-mine:ji-na:da'ay my middle finger

whila'-minikya:w' my thumb

whila'minikya:w'-mich'ing'-na:da'ay my index finger

whila'-mituq-na:da'ay my middle finger

whila'-qot' my knuckles

whilije'-me'-suxa:n my bladder

whilo:q'e' the calf of my leg

whilxung' my semen, ejaculation

whime'-no:k'ilxide' my stomach

whimił-ky'o'ołchwide' my index finger

whimit' my belly, stomach

whina'k'idilyay' my collarbone

whina:' my eye

whina:' mits'e:tł'e' discharge from my eyes

whina:'-tł'e:t'e' discharge from my eyes

whina:de my forearms

whina:do:nse' my eyebrows

whina:q'ito:' my tears

whina:-t'ung' my eyelashes

whinchiwh-k'ito:' my snot, mucus

whinchiwh-yehky'a'a:n my nostril

whinchwiwh my nose

whinchwiwh-kin'-ding the butt of my nose

whingkine' the small of my back

whining' my face

whiningq'ich'ing' the roof of my mouth

whinist'e' my body

whinist'e'-me:q' my female genitals (euphemism), in my (woman's) private parts

whiq'ah my fat (on my body)

whiq'ay' my hip, thigh; the inside of my leg

whiq'ehjiwa' my armpit, armpit hair

whiq'os my neck

whiq'os-kin'-ding the base of my neck

whiq'os-q'eh the nape of my neck; my throat

whiq'us-t'a:w' my pubis, underbelly, crotch

whiqa:qe' my throat, tonsils, gullet

whiqe:ch'e' my hip, pelvis

whiqe:-jiwol' my ankle

whiqe:-kin' my lower leg

whiqot' my knee, joint

whiqunkin' my shoulders

whiquntuq my shoulder

whisa:sta:n my tongue

whisah the inside of my mouth

whise:tol' my cheeks

whisit' my liver

whisits' my skin

whisowoł my throat, windpipe

whit'ahdiy' my chest, breast

white:l' my spleen

whitilte'e' my muscle, the strength of my (arm, body)

whitł'a' my buttocks, rear-end

whitł'a'-ch'ing' the lower part of my body, my bottom

whitł'a'-q'eh the space between my buttocks; my anus

whitł'a'-ts'ine' my hip, pelvis

whitł'eh-kin' my waist

whitł'eh-ts'int'a' my pubic bone

whitł'eh-wa' my pubic hair

whitł'isch'e' my gall

whits'e:l' my forearm, arm

whits'e:q' my navel, belly button

whi-ts'iduqi-ya:ng'ay my hip

whits'in'-diq'a:n my shin

whits'ine' my bone, leg

whits'int'a' my forehead

whits'o:' my (woman's) breasts, milk

whitse' my head

whitse:king' back of my head

whitse:łiq'e' my brain

whitse:-qe:ch'e' my skull

whitse:tł'iwa' my (esp. woman's) long head-hair

whitsestł'o:n' my braided hair (in na:na:wiloy' style)

whitsida' the top of my head, my crown

whitsing' my flesh, meat

whitso:l' my vagina, female genitals

whitutł' my flank, the side of my body

whiwe:da' my chin

whiwe:sits' my lips

whiwe:ts'ing' my jaw, jawbone, chinbone

whiwhday' (inside of) my throat

whiwo' my teeth, tooth

whiwung my female genitals (euphemism)

whixa:q'e' the frame of my body, my skeleton

whixe'-ke'ts' my toenail

whixe'-me:q' the inside, sole of my foot

whixe'-mimisGiye'tse' my toes

whixe'-mimisGiye'tse'-mich'in'-na:da'ay my fourth toe

whixe'-mine:ji-na:da'ay my third (middle) toe

whixe'-minikya:w' my big toe

whixe'minikya:w'-mich'ing'-na:da'ay my second toe (next to big toe)

whixe:-tul' my heel

whiye'ch' my breath, breathing

whiyehk'ilxide' my esophagus, throat

whiyehk'ilxit-q'eh my esophagus, throat

wiloy'-wa:ky'a'a:n hair dressed in a doughnut shape

xahxe'eh shade, shadow

xe' foot

xe'q' saliva

xołe:kin' her abdomen

xona:siwhnik I'm putting my arm around him

xwe:da'ay-niłje:n he is bald

xwe:da'ay-tsehna:witł'o:n her braided hair (wrapped back of ear with a buckskin tie)

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whiky'a:ng'ay • my arm [literally, it extends away from me] • deverbal noun [1sg oblique]Semantic domain: body

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