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'a:diwine' it's been said

'a:diwung-na:niwhda'ay I'm calling it (e.g., dog) back

'a:diwung-xwe:lik I told about myself

'a:whił-ch'ine he is telling me, says (this) to me

'a:ya'diwine:l they were saying

'ahłdiwine' it's been spoken of

'o:lyohł I'm swearing at him

'owhwhe I'm reading (aloud)

ch'e'xe'ine:wh he is through talking

ch'e:'iwhwa:wh I get through speaking

ch'iwho:wiłxilił-te she will ask me for it

ch'iwingwhil he shouted

ch'ixiwine:whil he talks

ch'iyo'ne someone teases, there is teasing

ch'o:whe'ił-te they will call

dilwa:wh it (animal) makes a noise, "talks" (frog croaking, bird singing)

diwhne I say something, make noise, speak

diywho'-wung-xiniwidyewh conversation

do:-widwhil-heh no shouting!

je:nahch'ing'-ch'ixine:wh he is praying (modern church prayers)

k'ide:ts'eh-ya:xołchwe he translates for them, explains it to them

k'iniwh what one hears about, news, events that are talked about

k'iniwh-'a:diwhchwe I listen, I hear the news

k'itiwhyohł I'm swearing, cursing, making bad medicine

k'iwhniwh I hear about something, I hear the news

k'iwun-ch'idne he prays, preaches

ky'o'didxit he is begging for something

me'de'ilwa:wh they talk about it

me'niwit'il he is proud of it, he talks proudly about it

me:na'winch'a:n he shouted

mis'a:n' remembering it, talk about it

na:xowh'ay I invite him around (to different places, here and there)

nił-xwe:lik I told you

ting'xine:wh he uses bad language, swears, speaks improperly, "speaks against the rules"

ting'xine:wh blasphemy; words or actions that are "against the rules", particularly during religious dances

tingxiniwidye:wh tabooed speech, bad language, swearing; tabooed words ("swearing") that must not be used during religious dances

wa:nung'xiwine:whił-te someone talks about it

whida'-me'-ch'ixe:ne:wh he answered me

whijiw'-xiniwinye:wh you whispered

whił-xowidligy I was told

wun'dilwa:wh they are talking, conversing about it

wung'xine:wh he talks about it

wung-xowidilik a story about something, an account of something

xa'a'de'ine' she kept saying that

xa'ahł-ch'ide:n' he speaks so (in such a way) to him

xa'ahłdiwine' he is thus spoken to

xine:wh language, speech, talk, conversation

xiniwinye:wh you talked

xo:diwhxit I ask him (a question)

xohwhyo:l I'm swearing at him

xoł-ch'idwinehł he kept saying

xoł-ch'iyo:diwhne I tease him

xongwhe give him a name! call him by name!

xono'xine:wh he overpowers him (with words), talks bad luck into him, wishes him to death

xosah-k'itidlut he can't talk plainly; he talks in a broken way


xowhch'e:t I'm lying, I'm a liar

xowich'e:t a lie, falsehood, lying

xowidilik what has been told, a story, telling, account

xowilik telling (something to someone)

xunis-chwing gossip

xwe:da'ay-na:da'ay he's listening

yehna:xowh'ay I'm inviting him in

yo:diwidxilił-te they will ask for it

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xowh'ay • I ask him (to do something) • verb (theme: O-(w)-ł-'a:/'A') [imperfective, 1sg subject, animate object]Semantic domain: talking