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'ehs fish dam, weir

'ehs-ma:ning'ay the "stringer" across a fish dam (the logs that are laid horizontally across the supports of a fish dam.)

'iwhxa:wh I catch (fish) with a dip-net

ch'iwingwha:l he caught fish (with a hook and line)

da'usday he is fishing (with a net)

dahch'inehsday he sat down on top; (idiomatically) he went fishing with a net

dahk'iwe'winta:n he built a fishing platform

dahk'iwe:wita:n fishing platform

dahnintsah sit down above it! (idiomatically) go fishing with a net!

dahno:te:de'tł'-te they will fish

dahwixil floats on a gill net, seine

dahya'wing'ay he sits above; (idiomatically) he is fishing (with a net)

dun'-ts'isday fishing camp

k'e:da'ay-mił-ch'iłwe fishing club

k'isdaw they (fish, eels) vanished, stopped being caught

k'ite:lwe:l pickets, stakes driven into the river, in a fish-dam

k'iwhxa:wh I'm pulling a dip-net to shore

k'ixa'king poles that the A-frame net sits in

k'ixa:q' A-frame lifting net, "trigger" net

k'ixa:q'ich small dip net

ky'o'niłkis he threw a spear at it, speared at something

ky'o'wingwha:l he hooked for it

ky'o:law-king' fishing pole

ky'owhlaw I'm fishing (with hook and line, "white-man's style")

ky'owhłkis let me spear for fish!

ma'ts' half-hoop that holds the net in a dip net

me:niliw (fish) swims into a net, gets caught in a net

mehł seine, gill net

mił-dahch'iwiyo:sil trigger string attached to the A-frame net

mił-dahsiday A-frame lifting net, equivalent to k'ixa:q'

mił-k'itiłkis fishing spear, especially the point

mił-ky'o'owha:l fishhook

mił-me'k'iłtiw measuring stick (for mesh of a net)

mił-no:'ołwul dip net, plunge net

mił-tahch'ilo:s line to pull gill-net

mił-tahk'iłje:w large seine

mina:ng'ay sinkers on fish net

mintł'ohwh fasten your net!

miq'it-na:k'iłtsay' drying frame for gill net

miq'it-no:'ołwul platform on fish dam for dip-netting

na'k'itł'oy gill net, seine

na'k'itł'oy he sets a gill net

nahxi-tehs'a two-pronged fish spear

no'k'itiwh a small net

no'k'ixa:wh a small net

no:l'qe:t fishtrap

nowhwul I'm throwing it down; I'm throwing a dip-net

ta:lqe:t fishing platform

tahch'ilo:s he pulls (gill net) out of the water, he pulls a net-load of fish to shore


tahna:se:wha:l I hooked it out of the water

tł'iwhxa:n-mije:lo' small circular basketry trap for catching eels

xayah fishing claim

xayahme'-ło:q'-mił-tahch'iłtiw fish claim medicine

yehk'iłqot' put the net on to the frame!

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tahk'iwhjeh • I'm going to seine, use a gill net • verb (theme: tah=k'i-(s)-ł-je:w) [imperfective, light stem, 1sg subject, thematic/indefinite object]Semantic domain: fishing
Note: probably 'I crowd, pile (salmon) out of the water'